Who is better to talk about your work than People you Portrayed?

“I'm absolutely in awe with the portrait, because it's creative, realistic and as colorful as my personality.” 

 - Stef (Germany) @la_frecks 

“I loved the art work solange surprised me with!” 

 -Madeleine Daria Alizadeh (Austria)


“Sol perfectly captured me and my kitty, Rue. I love everything about the piece, from the pastel colors to the dreamy illustration style.” 

 - Allison Wu (USA) @alison__wu

I'll be Happy to draw yours

“This pose gives the illusion of sleeping, peacefulness and tranquility when it actually is just a quick moment captured in a movement that is falling. Solange did a beautiful job illustrating my image and transforming what was a plain background into a refreshing pop of color.”” 

 - Brittany Cavaco (USA) @theballerina

“Life has been a series of awakenings. To discover that I never know where the road will lead me- but to have faith anyways. The craving to expand has always outweighed the fear that would like to keep me small. One foot in front of the other in the direction of a “dream”, against all odds, snarks, and resistance has brought me to where I am today. Enjoying life and love and looking to the past as my teacher. My biggest goal now is to appreciate the small things every day- and to let appreciation steer the way. I don’t know where it will lead me but I trust wherever it drives me, will be a good place with wonderful people- just like the one who made this portrait of me.” 

 - Leah Santacruz (Bali) @lesant

It’s a cliché to say that dogs are men’s best friend but actually there is no better way to describe them so I asked Sol to portrait that in this illustration. Ellie is the sweetest dog with a colourful personality and Sol’s work is a beautiful reflection of that. 
I couldn’t imagine this would be the final result on the day I simply sent a photo of Ellie I liked. The most impressive thing about Sol is that she reaches your soul with every strike of a pen and tries to put into a drawing the feeling you showed when you made your request. I remember that at the time, she only asked me one thing: “what’s Ellie’s favorite toy?”. Again, this is Sol, a pure hearted girl that tries her best to give meaning to every work she does. And that she did! This illustration couldn’t be more faithful to what Ellie is! Sol won’t only give you a beautiful work to decorate your home, she will give you an illustration that will bring up memories of the moments you spent with that family member, friend, loyal companion, etc. At the end of the day this work is not only a truthful reflection of my dog but a beautiful representation of Sol’s amazing talent.

- Ana Pinheiro (Portugal)

Or your Loved Ones

“We are really happy with results. can’t wait to print them! thank you so much” 

 - Buro Julia (Austria) @juliagridling

“Love this one. thanks Solange and Júlia! ” 

 - Tobias Haemmerle (Austria) @tobiashaemmerle

“Fan Fan Fan!” 

 - Juliette (France) @coucoulesgirls

“The illustration you've made is such a beautiful creation. It's so unique and natural that it shows my feeling with the style and appearance of my own. Just by looking at the portrait of myself, it put a smile on my face. Your page is amazing too and its so inspiring to others. Keep inspiring and I want to see more portraits of other people from other culture. Lots of love from Malaysia” 

 - Nur Afaf (Malaysia) @afafatirah_

“When I discovered Sol Illustration, I was delighted. These colors, this energy and so much female power! It was one of the biggest surprises, when she decided to make my portrait. Since I’ve received it became my profile picture and my favourite drawing of myself ever. Big thanks and good luck, beautiful heart!” 

 - Harel (Poland) @harelblog

“It’s kind of weird to see yourself portrayed, but in fact with this know-how and excellence it’s a pleasure to see!. Congratulations to you Solange! Beside a great woman you are definitely a great artist, with a peculiar sensitivity, I only can feel honoured for being the object of another manifestation of great talent! ” 

 - Manuel Oliveira (Portugal) 

Your Family, Your Partner, Your Baby, Your Pet

“This portrait of myself is a perfect mirror to my feelings and my mind which were all in peace and freedom in a certain time during my travels. It just contains everything which makes me more than happy to remember, the colors, the surroundings and most of all myself” 

 - Romina (Germany) @rominaishappy

“It was such a treat to be drawn by Sol. She has such a unique style with powerful strokes, attention to precious detail and vibrant colours that make you feel warm inside. On top of that, Sol is a delight to collaborate with in sharing vision, her flexibility and her transparent passion for her craft!” 

 - Naomy Crosby (Australia)@nomcrosby

“It made me feel peaceful and content. Like I saw myself clearly and in a really beautiful way. Through the lens of someone who sees beauty. Thank you” 

 - Dana Falsetti (USA) @nolatrees

Contact me and I'll tell you how it works

“This is so beautiful! thank you for this and your affection!” 

 - Giovanna Nader (Brasil) @giovannanader

“So beautiful! and so US”

- Maria Rosa (México) 

“Wow this is beautiful. not just the artwork, but your words and intention behind it. you are such a light in this world. keep creating!” 

 - Alexa (Spain) @alexaearth

   “This is so beautiful!!” 

 - Margarida Pimenta (Portugal)@margarida_pi

“Your Art is so special! and you made me happy with this picture! it means a lot to me! Oh what a kind person you are” 


“To be captured in art and see yourself through the eyes of someone else is an extremely wonderful and emotional experience. Suddenly, you see a side of yourself that was maybe hidden from your self perspective, or that you may have forgotten in the daily hassle. Solange set self perspective straight again and opened my eyes to see what a wonderful and strong woman I am. My dearest and heartfelt thanks to her!” 

 - Astrid (Germany) @starkstromhippie


 - Iran khanoom (Iran)@sweet__sixty

“I love it! thank you so much!” 

 - Rossy de Palma (Espanha) @rossydpalma

“wooow this is beautiful, thank you! I loved it!!” 

 - Pongo Love (Portugal)@pongoklassic

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