Visual artist born and raised in Paris and now living

in Portugal, I define myself as a compulsive creator.

It was in Paris that I realized that I was passionate about art when I saw painters reproduce the castle of the Jardin du Luxembourg where I spent much time playing. The drawing was my escape, where I expressed what words could not.

I decided to come to Portugal to study Graphic Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Porto. my taste for illustration and fashion always accompanied me during my studies. After graduating, I got involved in the textile area where I created prints for the brands of the Inditex group, mainly Zara. Naturally, I also ended up working as a fashion designer, thus combining my two passions.

I have been developing artistic projects around the feminine and natural world through different mediums such as paper, textile, and digital.

I'm also the Co-Founder of NUDEMASK®. A Brand with social care values. We started with masks in order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 but also to create awareness of a timeless pandemic: prejudice. We also donate part of the revenues to charity work. We believe we are in this world to help and make a difference. 

Being a freelancer since 2017, I seek new challenges to expand and share my experience every day a little more.

I'll be glad to help you take a step closer to your dream project through my work.

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"Your work always seemed delicate to me, with a particular care for colours, adaptable, eclectic... with personality and fresh."

Arancha Ibarreche Garza -  ZARA Comercial Dept. (inditex)

"It was a period of hard work (our 6 years together)...  Anything demanded a quest for new techniques print , allover and placed ones. Truth is, it was a real pleasure to work by your side... a friend, a sidekick, and always a team mate! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything.."

Juan Ayude -  ZARA Senior Fashion Designer (inditex)

"Any time I need graphics and first quality prints, I reach Solange. She is creative, professional and knows very well the market. She is a top Designer!"

Edu Perez - STYLE THINGS CEO, Barcelona Costa

"As a silkscreen stamping supplier, We can say that Solange always seek to discharged her functions effectively and professional competences with dignity, honesty and trustworthiness"

 Manuel de Oliveira Freitas - ANTARFER CEO

"It was a pleasure to work with you during these years where I figured out your technical and human habilities, your great intelectual capacity and sensitivity / creativity shows in your work and your life style"

Stephane Picciotto - CONFETIL CEO

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