Visual artist born and raised in Paris and now living

in Portugal, I define myself as a compulsive creator.

With a background in Visual Arts and graphic design, illustration, and fashion since 2007, I have been developing artistic projects around the feminine and natural world through different mediums as paper, textile, or digital.

I'm also the Co-Founder of NUDEMASK®. A Brand with social care values. We started with masks in order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 but also to create awareness of a timeless pandemic: prejudice. We also donate part of the revenues to charity work. We believe we are in this world to help and make a difference. we are transitioning to eco-friendly products to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry.

Being a freelancer since 2017, I seek new challenges to expand and share my experience every day a little more.

I'll be glad to help you take a step closer to your dream project through my work.

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"Your work always seemed delicate to me, with a particular care for colours, adaptable, eclectic... with personality and fresh."

Arancha Ibarreche Garza -  ZARA Comercial Dept. (inditex)

"It was a period of hard work (our 6 years together)...  Anything demanded a quest for new techniques print , allover and placed ones. Truth is, it was a real pleasure to work by your side... a friend, a sidekick, and always a team mate! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything.."

Juan Ayude -  ZARA Senior Fashion Designer (inditex)

"Any time I need graphics and first quality prints, I reach Solange. She is creative, professional and knows very well the market. She is a top Designer!"

Edu Perez - STYLE THINGS CEO, Barcelona Costa

"As a silkscreen stamping supplier, We can say that Solange always seek to discharged her functions effectively and professional competences with dignity, honesty and trustworthiness"

 Manuel de Oliveira Freitas - ANTARFER CEO

"It was a pleasure to work with you during these years where I figured out your technical and human habilities, your great intelectual capacity and sensitivity / creativity shows in your work and your life style"

Stephane Picciotto - CONFETIL CEO

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