The Portuguese Textile industry, is one of the biggest and advanced in the world.

For a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, it is an amazing playground where ideas take form and end up being Wearable Art. 

From Abstract to Animal prints, Lettering to Allovers, any language and style is possible.


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Lettering is more than words or sentences.

It's a graphic way to enhance the message you want to share and customize based on your concept.

It's playful, simple and yet powerful and timeless.

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Allovers Pattern is a great way to transform a boring white garment in an attractive piece which for sure will
stand out in your client's closet.


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Placement prints are statements makers. 

from photographic to abstract illustration. 

The spectrum is big!

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If you want an extra touch, embroidery is a beautiful technique to embellish and give your piece an extra t value. You can use it for details, patches as per fully embroidered surfaces. It's fun! For an additional and differential touch, laser-cut, embosses and many more techniques are key to take your project to another level.


Arancha Ibarreche Garza   
ZARA Comercial Dept. (inditex)

Your work always seemed delicate to me, with particular care for colors, adaptable, eclectic... with personality and freshness.

Juan Ayude   
ZARA Senior Fashion Designer (inditex)

It was a period of hard work (our 6 years together)...  Anything demanded a quest for new techniques print, allover and placed ones. Truth is, it was a real pleasure to work by your side... a friend,

a sidekick, and always a teammate! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything.

Edu Perez 

Any time I need graphics and first quality prints, I reach for Solange. She is creative, professional and knows very well the market. She is a top Designer!

Flávio Gart 
BAZOOKA Creative Director

Solange has this delicacy in the way she deals with each project. With simplicity, friendliness, she is a complete artist with great illustration skill and creativity, and also a great person. It's easy to work with Solange, always available, and focused on solving any challenge. It was a pleasure to collaborate with her and I highly recommend her work.

Manuel de Oliveira Freitas ANTARFER CEO

As a silkscreen stamping supplier, We can say that Solange always seeks to execute her functions effectively and professional competencies with dignity, honesty, and trustworthiness.

Stephane Picciotto 

It was a pleasure to work with you during these years where I figured out your technical and human abilities, your great intellectual capacity and sensitivity / creativity shows in your work and your life style.